Case Study 8 (Level 3)

CS 8 is conducted in Denmark. The CS will build on an ongoing project in Denmark called Move Green, an NbT programme exploring the potential health and well-being benefits for individuals with mobility issues who visit an urban forest park designed according to the ‘Evidence-based health design in landscape architecture’ (EBHDL) process model. People with mobility issues tend to be more exposed to stress and have significantly poorer quality of life compared to the able-bodied population. The Move Green Lab site uses a ‘designed-in’ accessibility approach to support people with limited mobility, thus ‘leaving no one behind’ in terms of the benefits of nature contact. Move Green has developed a prototype App with guided restorative nature experiences for individual use. The App’s aim is to enhance sensory experiences, physical interactions, and connectedness with natural environments. The trial will use a two-arm randomized controlled trial with a 6-month follow-up to analyse whether App-enhanced visits increase biopsychosocial resilience, compared to a waiting control group, for people with mobility issues. The intervention group will visit the Move Green forest for at least 2hrs (actively 60 minutes) a week for five consecutive weeks.