Case Study 7 (Level 3)

CS 7 is conducted in Sweden. The CS will build on the successful Restoration Skills Training (ReST) programme, developed by partners at Uppsala University, Sweden, which integrates mindfulness training with restorative nature experiences for people suffering from clinical levels of stress and/or depression/anxiety related disorders. Although ReST has already shown sustainable advantages compared to standard mindfulness interventions, the relevant biopsychosocial resilience processes are unknown, and will now be measured here through evaluations of protective resilience (i.e., resistance to fatigue induction) and recovery resilience (i.e., restoration efficiency). Further innovations include an ambitious 4-armed randomized controlled trial design with a 6-month follow-up to compare ReST, conventional mindfulness training, and nature-on-prescription interventions with each other and a waitlist control condition. Further, the interventions will take place at multiple locations by trained instructors to explore the programme’s scaling-out potential.