Welcome to RESONATE, a groundbreaking project funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 101081420 and co-funded by the UK Research and Innovation grant award No. 10063874.

Our mission is to bring together important people from around the world who are experts in nature-based therapy (NbT). This includes researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and innovators.

RESONATE will unite these experts with people from different sectors, such as health, environment, economy, and society. We aim to:
a) Collect more proof that shows how nature can improve our health and well-being, by demonstrating how nature helps us physically, mentally, and socially.
b) Show how people from different sectors can work together to make nature-based therapies that are suitable for everyone.
c) Make more people, including the public and policymakers, aware of these benefits and make them more accepted.
d) Encourage more use of low-cost nature-based therapies to help make individuals and communities stronger in cities, towns, and coastal areas.

By collaborating with stakeholders from the health, environmental, economic, and societal sectors, we aim to achieve the following:

Building a Stronger Evidence Base

We will deepen our understanding of the connections between nature, health, and well-being. Through comprehensive research, we will showcase nature’s remarkable capacity to foster biopsychosocial resilience.

Collaborative Implementation

We will demonstrate how diverse stakeholders can come together and implement locally tailored NbTs that are inclusive and meet the needs of various communities.

Raising Awareness and Acceptance

We strive to increase public awareness and acceptance of the wide-ranging benefits derived from nature-based therapy. By engaging with multi-sectoral stakeholders and policymakers, we aim to create a shared understanding of these advantages.

Enhancing Utilization

We are committed to ensuring that cost-effective NbTs are widely utilized. Our aim is to empower individuals and communities in urban, rural, and coastal settings, enabling them to cultivate resilience and well-being through nature.