Building individual and community resilience through nature-based therapies

RESONATE is a Horizon Europe project that will bring together a consortium of world leaders in nature-based therapy (NbT) research, practice, policy, and innovation with stakeholders in the health, environmental, economic, and societal sectors.

The 4-year project started in June 2023. The project is funded by the European Union’s Horizons Europe Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101081420 and co-funded by the UK Research and Innovation grant award No. 10063874.

What is Nature-based Therapy?
Scientists have been doing a lot of research lately on how being in nature can improve our health, including ‘nature-based social prescribing’, ‘green prescriptions’, and ‘green care’. They call it Nature-based Therapies – NbTs. These therapies help people to spend time with nature available in their surroundings like in parks or gardens, which can make them feel better. It’s all about bringing people closer to nature and its benefits.
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What are Nature-based Solutions?
Nature-based solutions (NbS) are innovative approaches that use natural processes to tackle environmental challenges like climate change and biodiversity loss. They provide cost-effective and resilient solutions with co-benefits for communities, such as improved air and water quality and enhanced resilience to natural disasters. NbS encompass interventions like reforestation, green infrastructure, sustainable agriculture, and ecosystem restoration, all contributing to the preservation and restoration of ecosystem services. These solutions aim to foster a harmonious relationship between human societies and the natural world by emphasizing the sustainable use of natural resources.
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What is individual and collective resilience?
Nature-based therapies help people become stronger in different ways. They can make our bodies stronger by improving our immune system. They can also make us feel better mentally, for example by helping us understand and deal with problems and reduce stress. By bringing people closer to nature, NbTs build and maintain resilience at the intra- and inter- individual level, in terms of biological processes (e.g., improved immune functioning), psychological processes (e.g., more accurate threat and coping appraisals) and social processes (e.g., richer social networks). These nature-based biopsychosocial resilience resources can both “buffer” people against new stressors, which we call protective resilience, and restore them more quickly/effectively from stressful situations, which we call recovery resilience.
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RESONATE will support multiple Horizon Europe goals by contributing to the creation of more resilient, inclusive, and just societies that leave no one behind, whilst ensuring that individual, societal, and planetary health go hand in hand.

This is done by studying and scaling of Nature-based Therapies (NbTs), referring to work on nature contact and health, including ‘nature-based social prescribing’, ‘green prescriptions’, and ‘green care’. By working with multi-sectoral stakeholders, practitioners, and innovators across the EU and internationally, the project aims to achieve a shift in the way NbTs are perceived and utilised, with benefits to individual and community resilience as well as to the environment that will resonate for decades to come.